Silver Creek Rabbitry

Policy and Sale:

To reserve a rabbit or rabbits please fill out the Contact Us page and we will immediately reserve your rabbit for you. Our policy is pick up at the rabbitry, but if we have a show or are heading your way we occasionally can get them to you. Our lines are from champion winning breeders from all over the U.S.  We also often have breeding stock for Flemish Giants, New Zealand Whites,Californians, American Blues, and New Zealand Reds. Check with us for availability and pricing on the Contact Us Page.



   We do give discounts if you buy more than one rabbit, to repeat customers. We will consider all reasonable offers, so just ask. We also give discounts to 4-H and FFA youth. We do not sell anything we feel does not meet our standards. All rabbits sold will be healthy to our knowledge and will come with a pedigree if stated so. We also give discounts for breeding pairs, trios, or meat pens.

   We do also sell cages. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask!

We look forward to sharing our love for rabbits with you when you purchase our  quality rabbits!  


  Pedigree Show and Commercial Flemish Giants,    American Blues,New Zealand Reds and New Zealand      Whites and California Bunnies Available.                  

Go to the 'Contact Us' page and fill in the breed, age, color, gender or any info or questions, you might have. We will reply to you with what we have available and answer your questions.

Here is a brief summary of what we usually have available:

Will have more pics soon!

Flemish Giant: As of now we are breeding pedigree Steel Grey Flemish Giants and Red-Eyed White Flemish Giants and occasionally have stock available. Good quality stock available. Prices range from $35 to $70 depending on quality.

California: Our pedigree Californians are some of the best in the western U.S. They are guaranteed to place high in competitions. Our stock has won many state and national titles, including the 2009 ARBA National Convention Best of Breed Californian. They have been genetically bred for over 30 years for heat resistance, strong immune systems, and 5% more meat to bone ratio than competitors. Our Californians are popular with competitive 4-Hers and Breeders. Prices are $20 depending on age and number purchased.


New Zealand White: Our pedigree New Zealand Whites always do well on the show table. They are the best meat and show rabbit, in our opinion. They Occasionally have litters of 12 to 14 and are great mothers, and superb bucks.

 Prices are $20 each

New Zealand Red: We do occasionally have rare New Zealand Reds available. We do not have pedigreed ones yet. They have the same size, mothering, meat, and breeding capabilities as the New Zealand Whites, but are also popular as pets.

Prices are $25 each.


*NEW* American Blues:We have pedigree American Blue rabbits available occasionally. These are superb meat rabbits and great mothers with great show characteristics. Most are just as good as New Zealand Whites.They are a heritage breed and are on the endangered breeds list. Prices are $25.  



             *Commercial Meat Stock Available*  

We have some of the best Commercial stock from many Commercial farms from all over the U.S. We have at least 5 different lines for superb genetic variance. Our stock is very popular with families wanting their own meat supply. We can do discounts for quantity orders of breeding stock and even bigger discounts for commercial farms or even small farms that ship their growers ( 2-3 months 4.25-6.25 lbs) with us. We can answer all of your questions and give you the advice you need to grow you operation. Our commercial breeding stock rabbit prices are as follows:  

1 to 39 rabbits ~ 5 weeks - 3 months ~ $15 each

 40+  rabbits ~ 5 weeks - 3 months ~ $13.50 each



*Fill out the Contact Us page if interested in any breeds. 

We give quantity discounts for ALL breeds. We will get back to you ASAP*