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 Please Visit Our Partners at AZ Guardian Dogs. They have a small organic family farm where they raise and train amazing Livestock Guardian Dogs with their livestock. They work with breeds such as Great Pyrenees, Anatolian Shepherd, Maremma Shepdog, Tibetan Mastiff, Hungarian Kuvasz, and Akbash dogs.

They are amazing family, farm, ranch, livestock, companion protection dogs. They specifically train their dogs to guard RABBITS and small stock as well as bigger livestock from predators. They also ship worldwide. After the loss of many of our rabbits to predators we got our Great Pyrenees puppy, Max, from AZ Guardians, and since then, we have not lost a single animal to a predator. He is also our family dog and the most gentle dog we have ever had.

For the best security system for your home, farm, ranch, or just you, we highly recommend these guys!


We are located in the cedar hills of Snowflake Arizona.

If you are seriously interested in purchasing a 150 doe rabbit business with 24 bucks. All equipment, BASS FLUSH KLEEN SYSTEM with 100 cages. 100 more breeding cages. Enough wire for 300 more cages. New Zealand white breeding stock, Californian, New Zealand Red, Flemish Giant, Lionhead, American Blue, and Holland Lop. Automatic Watering System for all cages, Feeders, Nestboxes, AC Units, J- clips, HOG RINGER GUN, Pressure washer, etc.

 This has everything there to be able to provide a quick return on investment. When done succesfully this system can make $50,000 per year. 

If interested contact us and leave a message. We will get back to you. 


Silver Creek Rabbits has now teamed up with Rabbit Connections LLC. to help get rabbits across the US from the Producer to the Processor to Grocery Stores Nationwide! If you are a processor, producer, buyer or seller of rabbits please Contact Us.

  • We strive to raise the best meat rabbits you can buy and the best show,pet and breeding pedigree Flemish Giants, Californians, American Blues, New Zealand Reds and New Zealand Whites as possible.
  • We have lived here for 25 years and started with rabbits in 2006.We love to raise rabbits and treat our rabbits with the kind care they deserve. All of our breeds are from varied lines from all around the U.S.
  • We also run our own lines of Commercial New Zealand Whites and Californian rabbits.
  • We help other rabbit producers get set up and can supply all of their breeding stock, giving them helpful advice and and answering their questions to the best of our knowledge.   


*For more information visit the Natural Meat Rabbits page.*


  Please contact us if interested in purchasing some of our rabbits.

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